California Fire Hazard Severity Zones Map

Cal Fire has released a new, updated wildfire zones map to help residents determine if they live in a risky wildfire area. As always, be safe and have a strategic preparedness plan if you live near any of these areas.

California Fire Map, Severity Zones, High Risk Areas

Cal Fire has released an interactive California Fire Hazard Severity Zones map that displays all the high risk areas for wildfires. It uses the latest scientific data to give a comprehensive view of potential wildfire threats.

CalFire New Fire Zone Map for California Residents

Regions surrounding Sacramento, especially the Sierra Nevada mountains and communities east of Placerville along Highway 50, display a "very high" fire risk on the California Fire Hazard Severity Zones Map. These areas lie close to the location of the Caldor Fire in 2021.

Heading further north, the map reveals heightened fire risks for places like Grass Valley and areas east of Oroville.

This updated California fire map hints at a growing risk for several communities located at the intersection of wildlands and urban regions. Be prepared if you are in a high risk wildfire area.

The implications of these updated fire risk maps are immense. Local government bodies depend on these maps and CalFire's expertise on hazard zones when determining the locations for approving new residential and commercial developments.

Local government bodies use these maps and CalFire's insights to decide where to approve new residential and commercial constructions. Homeowners in high-risk areas must disclose this risk when selling their homes. A new California law also requires them to establish defensible space around their properties, enhancing protection against wildfires.

Residents can send their written comments/concerns about this new map to Furthermore, the department will conduct public hearings across all counties in California. Details about these hearings can be found on the official Cal Fire website.

For residents affected by these zones or facing challenges related to fire hazards, consulting an attorney can be a crucial step. An experienced fire attorney can guide homeowners through the complexities of property disclosures, insurance claims, and compliance with state laws. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of property damage due to wildfires, an attorney can assist in seeking compensation and ensuring homeowners' rights are protected. Navigating the intricate web of regulations and claims can be overwhelming, but with the right legal guidance, Californians can confidently face the challenges presented by fire risks. If you're in such a situation, seeking timely legal counsel can make all the difference.

California Fire Map