Legal Counsel for California Fire Insurance Claim Disputes, Fire Related Injuries, and More

When potential clients contact the Law Eagles Fire and Smoke Attorneys, they are typically facing some very serious legal problems. These may include:

  • Damage to a home, commercial property, or home contents, which their insurance company refuses to pay for.
  • Total property loss due to a wildfire, which their insurance company refuses to compensate them for completely,
  • Ash, smoke or soot damage to the property that the insurance company discounts or under values, and
  • A catastrophic injury caused by a fire or smoke, with multiple liable insurers avoiding payment by shifting blame.

Whatever critical situation has brought you to this website, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Law Eagles Fire and Smoke Attorneys. We are known for the tenacity, knowledge, and skill of our founder and lead attorney, Eric Townsend. Learn more about his background below.

Lead Attorney Eric Townsend
In a free initial consultation, your introduction to Mr. Townsend can provide peace of mind as you observe his capacity to take on complex legal cases with confidence.

More Than Decade Long Record of Success in Fire and Smoke Insurance Claims

Since Mr. Townsend began practicing law in 2010, he has delivered solutions and satisfaction for many past clients facing formidable challenges. Many had experienced frustration with insurance companies and even other law firms after enduring long waits with no results. At the Law Eagles, they found the answers they needed.

Mr. Townsend was selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers’ California Rising Stars in 2019 and 2020. That is no surprise to past clients who have benefited from his deep insights and persistence in solve legal problems.

What Challenge Are You Facing Now?

You may have run into brick walls when making legitimate claims for insurance benefits that you deserve after a fire has occurred in your home or business property. Regardless of what difficulty is in front of you, the Law Eagles Fire and Smoke Attorneys welcome your inquiry.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call (866) 324-5399 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.